Manga Mania

What is Manga Mania?

Manga-Mania is a simple desktop application for reading manga scraped from MangaFox. It is written in Python3, with the generous aid of PyQt5, requests and BeautifulSoup.



Manga-Mania-1 Manga-Mania-2

Source & Running Manga Mania

Manga Mania has a few dependencies:

You can easily install them using pip like so:

$ pip install pyqt5 requests beautifulsoup4

To run the Manga Mania, clone the repo and switch to the manga-mania directory and run

$ git clone
$ cd Manga-Mania/manga-mania
$ python3

I am neither affiliated to the manga sites mentioned in this application, nor do I own any kind of rights to the manga these sites contain. I merely provide a medium to access from your desktop what is already reachable using a web browser. In no event shall I be held responsible for any kinds of damages, physical or intellectual, arising from the use of Manga Mania. See LICENSE for detailed licensing info.