Let's Write a Simple JPEG Library, Part-II: The Decoder


This is part two of three in the series of articles that I’m writing about the JPEG specification. Part one came out more than one year ago and I had several other committments (namely I got a job now!) absorbing my time before I could turn my attention back to this unfinished series. Initially, I wanted part two to be the encoder, but then decided that implementing a decoder first would be more easier (in my honest opinion). And once you know how to write the decoder, the encoder will be the exact same steps, but in the reverse order!

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Let's Write a Simple JPEG Library, Part-I: The Basics


A few weeks ago I started a small side project - implementing the JPEG specification. Though naive, my attempt was surprisingly fruitful and I managed to get a simple decoder working! But it wasn’t easy; I had to read through the technical specification of JPEG and spent many hours debugging stuff. That is why, I have decided to document what I did so that if someone new to digital image processing decides to implement JPEG the standard for learning purposes, they have nothing to worry about!

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Setup Your Personal Site From Scratch Using Linux, Apache And Jekyll

Like I promised in my last post , this is going to be a comprehensive tutorial to get your site up and running on a VPS. It is assumed that you already have root access to a VPS running Linux ready and also have registered www.example.com. If you haven’t and want to, check out DigitalOcean for cheap a VPS and NameCheap for a domain.

And to go lashing out our linux-fu, please make sure you know the basics of some command line plaintext editor such as vi, emacs, nano, etc :smile:

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